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The ease of you paintings continue to astound me. Each stroke is where is needs to be, and the minimalist boat is superb. The reflectio...


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Courtney MacDonald
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a half-assed Illustrator who doesn't really do much with her Bachelor's degree.
More of a hobbyist right now, but given that I'm unemployed also, perhaps drawing fandom stuff willl make me a more productive artist and lead to some commissions, or just over-all confidence.

I cosplay. Tolkien stuff has become my life.

I have an inexplicable and slightly disturbing love of Pumpkins.
the following is me being an emotional art brat. feel free to ignore. 

not that anyone reads these.

I feel like a failure. I shouldn't judge my art in terms of favorites or reblogs or whatever, but I really feel like most of my work has gone incredibly unnoticed. Notes/reblogs/faves...they aren't the most important thing, but I've had very little encouragement, despite forcing myself to do a lot of extra work. Some of the things that I feel are my stronger pieces are practically invisible, while there is this one specific piece that people are looking at constantly and it's ...really not nearly as good as the rest of my work this month.

I fucking hate art, why do I do it? I'm going to fail at everything I do, there is no point in me making an etsy shop, no one will buy.
  • Watching: Star Wars


Thrawn, Eli, and Arihnda in Hogwarts
Silly sketch of them in my perceived Hogwarts houses for them because reasons.  Thrawn is totally Head Boy. Thrawn is Ravenclaw AF, Eli Vanto is the biggest Hufflepuff the Empire has ever seen, and Arihnda Pryce is Scary Slytherin™. Their houses were chosen based on their representation in the book, Thrawn.
Keep Your Hair Back

'If you won't wear a bandage then keep your hair out of you face, idiot.'

Hux is done with Kylo's BS.
Winter Hunt Dance
another scene from the Kylux Cinderella fic "If the Slipper Fits"… Please ignore the fact that Hux should be wearing really crappy shoes in this scene my brain died while drawing it.


“Well then, would you do me the honor of a dance?” he says, bowing at the waist, placing a hand flat against his belly.

Hux steps back, pale green eyes wide in shock. He shakes his head quickly though, heat blossoming upon his cheeks.

“No,” Hux huffs. “Don't be ridiculous.”

Ben leans closer, smile blossoming slowly. “You don't know how to dance, do you?” he teases.

Hux huffs again, crossing his arms and looking away, tilting his head up. “Of course I do,” he says, red seeping to his throat. Idly, he wonders if the red flush continues down the man's chest.

“Then prove it,” Ben says, sweeping Hux into his arms.

Hux goes stiff, hand coming up to grip at Ben's arm. Ben places his hand against the small of Hux's back, lowering his other to find Hux's free hand. Slowly, he captures it within his gloved hand, squeezing rather gently.

“Follow my lead,” Ben encourages.

Hux rolls his eyes but allows himself to be led in a dance. “You're impossible,” he says, stepping on Ben's foot.

He's not quite sure if it was an accident or not—it doesn't really matter.

Cinderella AU Kylux
What it says on the tin. Based on chapter two of "If the Slipper Fits" by try_reset (technocrat)…


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